From Basque with Love

From Basque with Love


We gather the highest quality raw grains, fruits, nuts, herbs and spices, mix the tastiest combinations in small batches, and package and label them by hand with love. Simply add hot water or stock and your meal is made.

  • Paella Rice (Valencian style)
  • Thai Jasmine Rice (pineapple & cashew)
  • Moroccan rice (dates & hazelnuts)
  • Indian pilau basmati rice (sultanas & cashews)
  • Tuscan risotto (herbs & porcini)
  • Indian Dhal (Bombay style)
  • Moroccan lentils (Sahara Style)
  • Moroccan couscous (Casablanca style)
  • Moroccan couscous (apricot & pistachio)
  • Italian couscous (tuscan herbs & walnut)
  • Moroccan rice pudding (orange & almond)
  • Indian rice pudding (sultanas & pistachio)

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