Otway Pasta Company

Otway Pasta Company Torchio Dried 375g


Otway Pasta Company is a small family owned pasta manufacturer located in Colac, Western Victoria.

Our traditional pasta contains only the finest Australian Ingredients - Eggs, Flour, Olive Oil, Salt and Water. We source all our eggs locally from 2 family farms. The chickens that produce the eggs are not just free range, they freely roam the pastures all day long. This method of farming not only provides us with a deliciously nutritious egg, it is also great for the chickens. When it comes to the flour, We use 2 types in our pasta. Durum Wheat Semolina and “00” flour. All the flour comes from a region in NSW called The Golden Triangle, one of the premium hard wheat growing regions in Australia. The wheat season generally finishes dry and hot which creates a grain that is high in protein and perfect for pasta. We then add a little “00” flour which helps to give our pasta a silky-smooth texture. Lastly, we add some Victorian Organic Olive Oil and a little salt. With the help of our Italian pasta machine we combine all these ingredients to make a silky smooth, nutritious, and delicious pasta.

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