Tambo Valley Honey

Tambo Valley Honey


Ben Murphy has been a proactive agribusiness leader for eight years, the last two of those in the capacity of the owner-operator of Tambo Valley Honey, based in Bruthen, East Gippsland.

A combination of drought, bushfires and covid-19 has made 2020 possibly one of the most challenging times to be in business in Gippsland. Deservedly, Ben's determination and achievements since taking over the iconic honey brand have been recognised, as he is named one of four finalists in the 2020 Young Agribusiness Leader of the Year Award.

Part of Food & Fibre Gippsland’s annual Excellence in Agribusiness Awards program, this prestigious accolade is proudly supported by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

Amongst a very competitive field of entries, Ben's leadership impressed the judges when he detailed how, over these past two years with the support of his wife Stacey, he has transformed their honey enterprise.

Ben has created high value sales channels, opened up new business opportunities in pollination of other agricultural products, positioned Gippsland agribusiness as a supporter of small rural communities and developed action plans for future potential threats to the honey sector.

Tambo Valley Honey manages 1200 hives and recently expanded its own packaging lines to showcase Gippsland’s vast floral varieties. So now instead of buying generic supermarket honey, customers can try and taste different flavour strains of honey directly sourced from across the region.

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