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Weyhill Farm Garlic


We blend our garlic with farm grown herbs, lemons and chilli - preserved in pure Australian seasalt, to create our range of garlic salts, ready to make everything you cook even tastier. 

-Garlic, ready whenever you are. No peeling, no chopping, crushing or smashing. This handy kitchen friend is 100% dehydrated garlic, full flavoured and fabulously easy to use. 1 tea spoon equals 2 cloves, just add to whatever you're cooking up for fast garlic flavour.

It will rehydrate in moisture, like a soup, hearty stew or even when you're sauteing onions or mushies. To turn it into little fleshy garlic pieces, just add your desired amount (1 teaspoon equals about 2 cloves) to warm water in a glass or cup, steep for 3 mins and voila, garlic ready to add to pizza bases, butter or just about anything. 

-Sunday roasts love Rosemary Garlic Salt. An aromatic blend of fresh farm grown rosemary, garlic and Australian sea salt it adds a flavour hit to anything you're roasting. Add to veg going into the oven, crispy potatoes coming out and season any just about any beast you're carving up. It's a great all-rounder.

-Zesty and delicious, our lemon garlic salt is a blend of our garlic, lemon rind, lemon thyme and Australian sea salt. Sprinkle it over lamb chops for a Mediterranean twist, rub onto a roasty bird for crispy skin or add to anything tomato based. Slow cooked lamb stew, pasta sauces or Sunday googies are some of the ways our customers love it. Hope you do too.

-A favourite at farmers' markets our Tuscan Garlic Salt is a herby blend of flavours. Oregano, thyme, rosemary, sage and garlic are mixed with Australian sea salt to create an aromatic seasoning for your cooking. Rub onto meats, add to slow cooked hearty fare or 'unbland' your soups.

-Tuscan is a handy tasty maker for every kitchen and is great to have around when you don't have fresh herbs.

-Get garlicky on just about any dish with the very versatile ‘Just’ Garlic salt. Use as an alternative to table salt, make garlic mash in a flash or sprinkle on unsuspecting dishes for a last minute garlic edge.

-Some like it hot...Give anything you're making a chilli and garlic kick with our farm grown and made Chill Garlic Salt. Add to soups for a hot hit, sprinkle over chunky cut wedges or fire up your pasta sauces.

All of our salts come in generous 150g jars because we know you'll love using them.


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