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French House Chic Book


f you’ve always wanted to take a look inside of France’s most elegant households, check out Jane Webster’s French House Chic.

Take an exclusive peek into some of the most lavished French households – from Parisian apartments to country estates. After moving to a derelict house in Normandy, Jane Webster devoted her time to observing French style and developing an eye for beautiful décor. Allow her to guide you through the finest French households with a photography collection like no other.

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your own home or simply want to feed your love of French style, French House Chic is a must-have.

French House Chic features:

  • Hardcover, 260 pages.
  • Written by Jane Webster.
  • Photography by Robyn Lea.
  • Receive a glimpse into some of France’s most elegant estates.
  • Nine sections covering different areas of the French household.
  • Includes source section and acknowledgements by Jane Webster.
  • Published by Thames & Hudson.

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