My tribe of three

Lavender Wheat Packs


 Expertly crafted for relaxation and relief, our My Tribe of Three lavender hot/cold wheat packs are made with organic Australian wheat infused with soothing Australian lavender oil. Versatile and easily portable, these packs can be applied anywhere on the body for muscular relief, period pain relief, or to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whether you choose our beautiful cotton print or luxurious linen front with a soft durable cotton backing, these packs are microwave and freezer safe for year-round use. 

Complete the perfect relaxation package by pairing with our mindful lavender eye pillows, and receive free gift wrapping when you purchase both.


Measurements: Width 12.5cm  Length 44cm

100% Australian made.

Please note that unfortunately this product is not available for international shipping.

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